Bouquet Bar

Let The Blooming Crate take care of all your floral needs.

Visit the Bouquet Bar in-store and select a pre-made bouquet from Thursdays to Saturdays for yourself, as a gift, for your business or for your next event.

Looking for something specific, we will work with you to create beautiful and unique floral bouquets or arrangements whether they’re for your wedding, your company party or dinner at your home.

The Blooming Crate, making blooms a memorable part of your day.

Workshops & Events

Let The Blooming Crate be a part of your next event.

Book an existing event from our monthly Event Calendar or create a private one of your own. Choose our Studio, our Garden or a venue of your choice and add a memorable experience. Consider a Floral or Succulent Workshop, Afternoon Tea, or a Girl’s Night Out with a savoury meal.

The Blooming Crate, making memories a part of life.